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Over our careers we have created
rule-breaking and business changing
ideas for many major brands.

Our awards include:
Cannes Grand Prix, Cannes Titanium, 8 Cannes Golds,
2 D&AD Black Pencils, 20 Yellow Pencils, 2 Grandy's,
AdWeek's ad of the decade, 2 One Show 'Best of Shows',
The One Show 'Best Car Ad of last 25 years', The Clio's Hall of Fame,
The Gunn Report's top ad of the 21st Century.

Plus many more besides.



We coined the phrase "warm engineering"
and instantly broke one rule.
Before that, car advertising
was cold and teutonic.

But we believed engineering
is an interesting
story if told in a human way.

We created a warm, human idea with
the power to surprise every time.

The resulting fame
saw Honda's sales grown 20%.




We broke the rules by using our
advertising to talk about food,
rather than butter.

We created our own visual langauge
by working with directors
who had never shot food.
It helped us to avoid the
myriad cliches in the category.

Lurpak became no.1 in the
BSM market for the first time
in their 110 year history.


mash lurpak.png
ready meal lurpak.png
wonky lurpak.png


Paddy power understands the power of PR.
We broke every rule in the book
to generate fame and occasionally
got a slap on the wrist from
the authorities. 

But the work always laddered up
to our big platform idea "We hear you".

And during our tender Paddy Power
spent six times less than William Hill
for the same share of voice.




The "Impossible is nothing"
campaign broke one rule
by using sport assets in a
completely new way.

Showing athletes for the
first time as human beings
rather than superstars.

Global fame came when it
reached over 90 million people
and broke the all-time record
for the brand's free media.

The share price rose by 20% too.



Famous ideas break new ground.
Despite flouting it's own
strict rules, Facebook allowed
this project to go live.
With nothing like it on social
media, they wanted to
gauge the reaction.
And Stüssy got a ton of
free media for a zero spend.




Famous work happens when you
talk to your audience rather
than advertise to them.
We put a one second glitch
in our 30 second TV ad
without telling a soul.
The resulting treasure hunt
hooked an audience who refuse
to be marketed to.




Famous ideas happen when
you do something
relevant, playful and simple.
Bike riders became real
street artists, the brand
received outstanding sales
and a great company shed
it's stern veneer.




Famous ideas are provocative.
We told an audience who
think they are invincible
exactly when they would die.
The average engagement
time was 6-8 minutes.
Giving diesel plenty of time
to showcase their wears.